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Exercise stretch stress

10 move tips to stretch the stress out

Our body was made to move and the quarantine is a temptation to do the opposite (damn you, coronavirus!). How about stretch all this stress out? 😊

We are staying more on the sofa or working at our desk for hours and hours, and that can bring some injuries (our latest posts). We can solve this with some simple exercises by just stretching our body some times a day.

Ipersonal Physiotherapy team prepared for you 10 moves to stretch your muscles (about 20 to 30 seconds each in a smooth way) that will help you avoid future problems:

1.Neck stretches

    1. Look to the right side and the left side rotating your head. Go as far as you can, not forcing anything, just feel the tension and push gently a little more. It’s not supposed to feel pain.

2.Head Tilts

    1. Tilt your head side to side. Just feeling tension and push a little bit more.

3.Shoulder rolls

    1. Make big circles with your shoulders first to the front and then to the back

4.Arm Swings

    1. Swing your outstretched arms in front of you and then pulling them to your back direction, one on the top of the other, alternating the order each time.


5.Torso twists

    1. Try to keep your hips fixed and then rotate at your waist, side to side.

6.Side lean torso stretch

    1. Rock back and forward, side to side, feeling the oblique muscles stretching.

7.Overhead stretch

    1. With a deep breath, put your hands over your head and stretch out your whole body.

8.Knee-to-chest stretch

    1. Lie on your back with both knees bent, keeping your feet on the floor. Your left knee stays bent and your right knee comes into your chest, clasping your hands behind your thigh or at the top of your leg. Extend your spine all the way down to your tailbone and avoid lifting your hips. Repeat with the other knee.

9.Pelvic tilt

    1. Lie on your back with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Engage your abdominal muscles as you flatten your back against the floor, pulling your pelvic up. Stay in this position a few seconds and repeat until you finished.


10.Child’s Pose

    1. Hands and knees on the ground, sink back through your hips to rest them on your heels. Fold forward, walking your hands out in front of you, resting your belly on your thighs. Extend your arms in front of your body. Focus on breathing deeply, relaxing tension, or tightness.


If you’ll have any doubt to do some exercise, please feel free to contact us!

We will help you to do them the best way we can or provide other ones!


With one walk a day (at least 30mins.) and these little tips, you will feel so much better!

More relaxed, less grumpy, happier, all good feelings coming in! 😊


We would like to thank Physiotec for giving us the possibility to share this excellent video representation of the exercises.

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