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Welcome Slimming Clinic Patients!

Ipersonal is now a registered health assessment center of The Slimming Clinic and we will work with The Slimming Clinic to provide their patients with exceptional quality in their experience with us and our service.

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New Partnership!!

In Ipersonal Physiotherapy, we offer a service with top quality and we work every single hour to achieve that. So, we took the next step towards this goal!

We are delighted to present our new partnership!

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What is kinesio-tape?

The Kinesio-tape is made from tightly woven cotton and nylon fibers, the quality of these individual materials is essential to be comfortable in being worn and to be resistant to deformation.

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Back and Neck Pain

Neck or back pain is one of the most frequent causes for which a patient requires a medical examination.
Let’s see them together..
Back pain is a very common disorder that affects men and women of any age, social class and race.

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Sports Massage

Very often it is thought that sports massage (in particular the decontracting one) is only useful for professional athletes.
In reality, sports massage is a very suitable treatment also for non-competitive athletes and to solve some localised diseases, sometimes not even related to sports.

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