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COVID-19: 8 ways quarantine is affecting your body

And suddenly a virus came and we need to stay home as long as possible…
What consequences does it have on our bodies?

In this Coronavirus outbreak, we are moving a lot less due to being in quarantine.
We are not leaving our house to work or going to the grocery store so often.
Our longest walks are now from the room to the fridge… 😅

The reality is that our body will feel a big change and we need to help it.

Here are the 8 consequences that may happen if we spend our day not moving enough:

  • Increase blood pressure
  • Fewer calories are burned
  • Digestion problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Loss of muscle and strength
    • Abdomen and spine included causing lower back pain
  • Muscles begin to feel stiff and movement are more difficult
  • Prolonged postures lead to numbness of upper and lower members
  • Calcium drains from long bones (due to immobility)

The pain will be one of the major complications of immobility.
And we don’t need complications nor pain, right? 😅

Eastbourne has so many beautiful places to go for a walk! Breathe some fresh air, relieve the stress, the anxiety, and those tense muscles.

Our body was made to move, so in the next post, we will share some tips to make it right! 😉

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