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We Have A Paeds Physio!

At Ipersonal, we know children’s health and comfort is important that’s why we have been working extensively towards getting our paediatric department up and running.

Lucia the newest member of the IPersonal team is a Paediatrics Physiotherapist who has experience working with children for over 10 years through a wide range of different cases, adolescence ages and mobility abilities.

She will be working alongside us on the weekends to focus on helping our younger clients improve on their conditions, get relief from any neurological or other pain issues, and help the children heal from sports or other related injuries.

Lucia will be giving assessments, diagnosis, and treatment to the children and working alongside them to monitor their progress on their journey with us.

She is also available to give any concerned parents advice through our free advice service on our website home page.

To make a booking with Lucia click on the link to our online appointment booking system here or contact us by email at contact@ipersonalphysio.com or give us a call directly on 01323 722129.

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