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Ruben follows the philosophy that in order to provide the best client experience we have to develop ourselves to become our best version and often put ourselves in the client's perspective and understand how we would like to be treated.

Ruben Studied in Cespu University to be a Nurse and is a self-made entrepreneur since 2016. Ruben's experience's and interest's in the economic market and previews company's management have been revealing invaluable for the us, allowing us to provide the best services and sustained grow as time passes.

Ruben as been in team leading positions since 2015, first in a local care home and then in is own company's.
Currently managing Ipersonal Physiotherapy is objectives is to provide expand this company to many other town's allowing the population access to premium care with physiotherapy specialists that will treat the pain, the underlying cause and rehabilitate improving the quality of life of our patients.
Ruben deals with any issues related to accounts, appointments, Marketing, referrals or insurance, public relations.

Professional Achievements
 RP/Manager at Ipersonal Physiotherapy
 Manager in 2 local company's
 Team leader in local care home

Ruben Ferreira Ipersonal Physiotherapy Manager

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