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Sports Massage Therapist

A good flexibility in the muscles allows athletes to deliver optimum performance and reduces the chances of injury a lot. By using the same principle, a sports massage focuses on enhancing the flexibility to the max by stretching the muscles both in length and sideways. It is an effective tool to improve recovery times after injuries. You can find excellent sports massage therapists in Eastbourne at Ipersonal Physiotherapy if you belong to this area or even if you are visiting.

Hiring an sports massage consultant at Ipersonal Physiotherapy in Eastbourne is fairly easy and you can benefit a lot from it as an athlete. With professional guidance, you will be able to gain many different benefits which we will share here. Each of these things has its role to play in your body’s fitness and they all have a direct impact on your performance as well.

Sports Massage Therapy to Increase Strength and Motion

As an athlete, you care a lot about how far you can push your body and its endurance level. With sports massage therapy, you can increase the flexibility of your muscles to the point that your natural motion stamina increases exponentially. This allows you to pull off longer training sessions and let you push your limits further.

Another key factor is strength, and by using sports massage services, your body can deliver a higher energy level for each task. Multiple tests to observe the impact of sports massage on strength levels showed an increase in different factors such as leap heights, shorter run times, a significant reduction in sore muscles and of course, a much lower fatigue level.

Muscle Relaxation

You are probably already aware of the basic impact of any massage therapy which is muscle relaxation. To be able to perform, you need to have completely relaxed muscles. Any type of stress of pain will severely affect performance. A sports massage therapist would focus on specific muscles the most, depending on the type of activity and athlete does.

Sports massage services are designed to relieve muscular tension and overall body stress leads to muscular relaxation. This is vital to ensure that when you hit the field, your muscles are in prime form. The heat generated during a massage session not only relaxes the body, but it also warms up the muscles for upcoming challenges.

Improved Blood flow

With a sports massage consultant, you can also get the right massage for blood flow. For an athlete, having fast blood flow is extremely vital. Your body will stay relaxed for a much longer time and research also shows an improvement in the body’s vascular system shows an increased blood flow for at least 3 days, even without doing regular exercise.


Your full medical history, any previous reports in the case of injuries, and medication if you are using any. You can also bring some relaxed clothing. Do also wear modest undergarments in case you need to undress. For woman, do not use a sport bra to the massage.

The actual time spent on massaging the body depends on the kind of massage you will be going for. Expect to spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour for a single session.

Physiotherapists are already qualified enough to determine your treatment without a doctor’s referral. However, in the case of insurance, you may need one for claims. Appointments are mandatory if you don’t want to spend your time waiting for a chance turn. You can easily get a time that suits you via phone or online booking.

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