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Welcome Slimming Clinic Patients!

At Ipersonal we aim to provide the best service possible to our clients.

Now we are able to expand our services even further in collaboration with our new partners The Slimming Clinic, by providing physical assessments to their patients within our center.

Since 1984, The Slimming Clinic has been providing successful weight loss treatments to thousands of people across the U.K. Their teams of weight loss experts, dietitians, movement and mind coaches have made a major impact with their patients’ success.

Ipersonal is now a registered health assessment center of The Slimming Clinic and we will work with The Slimming Clinic to provide their patients with exceptional quality in their experience with us and our service.

If you are debating losing some weight here are some invaluable reasons why you could be making the right decision.

  • Weight loss can help improve your overall physical health
  • Your confidence will improve as well as your mental health
  • Less joint pain – easier to exercise and improve your health even further!
  • Cancer risk will decrease as well as chances of having a stroke or heart attack

If you want more information on this topic take a look at our partners’ website, contact them or email us.

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