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What Can You Do To Improve Posture?

Posture is something that affects us and what we do every day either when we are sitting, lying down, walking or even just standing. It’s important that we aim to have good posture alignment which can help to improve our bones and joints resulting in fewer back and neck issues as well as keeping our body in alignment.
Since the pandemic began a lot more people are working from home and therefore at their desks more, using kitchen tables as a makeshift desk or even sitting on their beds doing work. This can all contribute to bad posture habits so we have gathered some information on tips and tricks you can use to help improve your posture when doing these or other everyday activities.

Sitting at the computer:

1. Relax your shoulders- tense shoulders can affect your posture and put a strain on your body
2. Sit up straight at a 90 angle this is so you don’t arch your back and helps to avoid back pain in the future. A tip for this is to put a pillow behind your back so it can relax against the back of the seat while also keeping the body propped up.
3. Try to have your computer eye level this is so you don’t need to strain your neck
4. Take a rest every so often or at least change position and go enjoy some fresh air or walk around your room this will result in less strain put on the body as well as helping to keep your mind fresh.
5. Keep your feet flat against the floor or use a small footrest to get some elevation to rest the feet

Lying down or sleeping:

1. Do not sleep or lie on the stomach as it can create stress on the lower back instead sleep on your side or front
2. Place a pillow between the knees while on your side as this will reduce the stress on the hips and lower back preventing the upper leg from being able to pull your spine out of alignment.
3. Put pillows between the gaps of your body and mattress
4. A firm mattress will help to support your body and its posture
5. Avoid twisting and turning in bed as well as bending the waist too often
If you sleep on your back, a small pillow under the back of your knees will reduce stress on your spine and support the natural curve in your lower back. The pillow for your head should support your head, the natural curve of your neck, and your shoulders.


1. Place your left foot forward and walk from heel to toe this will help improve balance and stability
2. Place your feet and shoulders width apart as this is good for balance and support
3. Swing your arms back and forth gently from your shoulders
4. Engage the core with shoulders back and head held high to strengthen the muscles and keep alignment
5. Avoid slouching and lengthen the back as this will put stress and pressure on your back muscles


1. Keep your shoulders and feet a width apart to maintain balance and support the body
2. Place your arms directly down at your sides to let them rest
3. Pull the stomach in and engage your core
4. Stand up straight with your head level and keep the shoulders back
5. Place most of your weight on the balls of your feet.­

Exercises to improve on posture:

Exercising will help to improve and correct your posture as it helps to strengthen the core of the body, improve on balance and movement without these exercises the body could become weaker in other areas and cause pain. Stretching, strengthening and aerobic activities are good ways to strengthen the core.

Some good exercises are:

Yoga positions such as child’s pose or cat-cow help to strengthen and stretch the bodies muscles
Pilates helps to strengthen your body’s core as well as maintain good spinal alignment and keep you aware of your posture
Push-Ups help to control the body as well as activates and stabilizes the core and muscles as well as keep you aware of your posture
Lunges- this help to strengthen the back and core muscles as well as correct balance.
Another trick is to use a resistance band while doing these exercises as it helps to strengthen the bodies muscles and ligaments.

Worried or curious about your posture?

We offer a free posture analysis service with a downloadable copy of your results where we can check on your body’s alignment and what exercises plus habits you can start doing to improve.

Contact us on 01323 722129 or email us to find out more information.

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