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Physiotherapy is a clinical speciality that helps people that suffers from injury, disease or disability from the Neuro and musculoskeletal system, using movement, manual therapy and complementary therapies like ultrasound, electrotherapy, Taping and many more. It suits people from all ages, restoring their movement, reliving their pain or ceasing it, and other symptoms that might be present.

Neuro and musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, what is that?

Neuro refers to the nerves and the symptoms that they can cause when injured or in stress, such as pins and needles, pain, and heaviness.

Musculus related with the muscles and the tendons injuries.

Skeletal includes bones, joints, ligaments and cartilages problems.

Specialist Physiotherapy Consultants

Your physiotherapy journey begins with a comprehensive evaluation of functional limitations and areas of pain/symptoms. Our team of physiotherapists will design a treatment plan based on your lifestyle, work-related needs, and goals.
Throughout your treatment, we will work hard on your side to help you return to all normal functional activities, giving you exercises and advice that you can follow after the sessions.


Through working closely with your health practitioners and employer, we aim to achieve better results. By combining your GP feedback and medical history and explaining your employer your current situation, we can provide a more specialised and efficient treatment and avoid further injuries that can come from your job place.

If you need more information feel free to contact us through our free help line (01323 722 129) or through our online form (get free advice) on our home page.

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Your full medical history, any previous reports in the case of injuries, and medication if you are using any. You can also bring some relaxed clothing. Do also wear modest undergarments in case you need to undress. For the womans, please do not bring a sport's bra to the treatments since it will need to be removed to perform some of the physiotherapy technic's.

The actual time spent on a Physiotherapy treatment depends on the kind of treatment and injury. Expect to spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour for a single session.

Physiotherapists are already qualified enough to determine your treatment without a doctor’s referral. However, in the case of insurance, you may need one for claims. Appointments are mandatory if you don’t want to spend your time waiting for a chance turn. You can easily get a time that suits you via phone or online booking.

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